A Bach Family Sampler

Music for Two Clavichords
Jovanka Marville & Marcia Hadjimarkos

« …two artists of great skill and sensitivity and an absolute unity of approach. »

British Clavichord Society Newsletter


C.P.E. Bach


Duetto in E flat Major Wotq 115


J.S. Bach


Concerto in C minor for two keyboards BWV 1060

Allegro, Adagio, Allegro


J.C. Bach


Sonata in G major for two keyboards

Allegro,Tempo di Menuetto


C.P.E. Bach

Duetti in A minor, B flat major, F major Wotq 115


W.F. Bach


Concerto in F major for two Keyboards

Allegro moderato, Andante, Presto